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Mission Statement

ACTACC is strongly committed to continuous professional development and it is our aim to establish an educational resource to promote knowledge of peri-operative echocardiography for the benefit of our patients.This interactive Echo Round web resource will help to achieve that goal.

It has been an exciting project and we hope you will find the resource a valuable tool in your learning.

The Echo Round Editorial Team:

  • Dr Nick Fletcher
  • Dr Ravi Hebballi
  • Dr Pawan Kumar
  • Dr Gary Lau
  • Dr Usman Puar
  • Dr Gabor Ther

Terms and Conditions

By using the ACTACC ECHO resource the user agrees to the following:

The user asserts that they are authors of the images and texts uploaded to ACTACC and not from a third party, and have sought where appropriate, for permission to upload images and assumes all responsibility for this.

Agrees that copyright assertions are waived for ACTACC and that ACTACC will be able to use images in any media format, communications, storage and transmissions without prior notification and without assertion of royalties arising thereof. ACTACC will continue to acknowledge authorship of images and text submitted to the database.

Use of images contained within ACTACC will be restricted to personal use including the benefit of local teaching, but may not use such images for the purposes of publication or mass transmission or dissemination in any format.

To abide by relevant ACTACC bylaws and regulation in force from time to time.

Disclaimer and Copyright

ECHO videos, images and related text on ACTACC websites are property of ACTACC. These are there for educational purpose only. Care has been taken to confirm the accuracy of the information. However, the editors and ACTACC are not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions or for any consequences from the use of information published here. We cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of the contents as this is beyond our control. Any use of information in clinical context remains the responsibility of the practitioner.

We have made every effort to trace copyright holders for published material. If this has been missed due to error then we will be pleased to make corrections as soon as we are aware of any issues.

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