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2018 ACTACC National Audit: expressions of interest invited
Expressions of interest are invited for the 2018 ACTACC audit by 30 March

The aims of the ACTACC National Audits are:

  1. To help ACTACC set up a national network for data collection, through our linkmen and trainees 
  2. Highlight issues that are potential problems for our members 
  3. Highlight issues of patient safety 
  4. Generate some data that could be used for grant funded trial applications  in the future 
  5. Raise the profile of ACTACC as an organisation.

Up to now, as a society we have audited the following:

 1st audit, 2014 anaemia and transfusion

2nd audit, 2015, admission to ICU following thoracic surgery

3rd audit, 2017 Complications of TOE

Please email suggested topics and no more than one page as a Word document (size 12 font), with the following information:

Title, applicants (and email addresses), co-ordinating centre Introduction/aims Nominator/Denominator data and how these may be collected (e.g. TOE complications vs total number of TOE examinations carried out) Significance

Please email these to by 30th March 2017, and all submissions will be considered by the ACTACC Research and Audit Sub-Committee and contacted by them directly.