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ACTA Elections 2018

Nominatons are now open for elections to the ACTA Committee.





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ACTACC elections (online) 2018


Would you like to get involved in the ACTACC Committee? Now is your opportunity! There will shortly be  elections for 3 places on the Committee. 

The timetable for the elections is :

  • Nominations open: Monday 19 March
  • Deadline for submitting nominations: Friday 13 April
  • Electronic voting commences: Monday 23 April
  • Voting closes: End of Monday 21 May


Voting will be for 3 positions on the Committee:

1) Dr Jonathan Kendall has completed one term on the Committee. He is eligible for re-election.

2) Dr Nick Fletcher has completed two terms on the Committee. A new member will be elected to replace him.

3) As confirmed at the last Annual General Meeting, a new position has been created to specifically represent and advance the interests of thoracic anaesthetists. Any full member can apply for this new position, but they will be expected to have a significant interest and commitment to thoracic anaesthesia. It is not necessary for nominees to undertake solely thoracic anaesthesia. Further enquiries about this position can be directed to Dr Moyna Bill. 

Nominations are now invited for these 3 positions. Nominees must be ACTACC members and have two proposers who are also members. Nomination forms are attached to this message and can also be downloaded from [election website page here]. The term will will commence in June 2018, with attendance at the Committee meeting during the Annual Scientific Meeting in Bristol, June 14-15.

The elections will be managed by Electoral Reform Services. Voting will be entirely online.  It is very important that you ensure that your ACTACC contact email address is up to date and accessible. We do not wish to disenfranchise anyone because of inaccurate email addresses! If you wish to confirm or change your email please do this online at (go to “My Profile” and please remember to save) or contact Ewelina Kolaczek who is our Membership coordinator at  

There will be another election in May 2019. If you have any queries, Ewelina and myself will be very happy to help. You can contact us at